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The role of Trampoline in Reducing Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin problem that makes the skin appears to be flaccid and with pimple-like protrusion. This condition is more common in women than in men, in fact research shows that 80-90% of women will get this at a certain point in their life. There are three different stages of cellulite. The pioneering level of cellulite is one where the skin largely okay but some of the parts are pimples. The Grade 2 is the moderate where there are about five to nine depressions that are at a medium level. The last stage is one where most of the damage has been done, the skin is extremely unappealing and completely flaccid.

Cellulite is associated with several factors that are known to cause it. There are some hormones that are a culprit in causing the formation of cellulite on the body. When a lady reaches beyond 46 years of age and above, the reduction in hormone estrogen leads to a decline in oxygen within the body. When this happens, the collagen is stored as lumps beneath the skin which is cellulite. The genetic make up of an individual will also influence whether they get cellulite or not, if for example the rate of metabolism is low, then it means more fats are being stored in the body as cellulite. Your diet and lifestyle is also another cause, people who are inclined to taking too much carbohydrates are at a high risk of getting cellulite than those who do not.

There exist a wide variety of ways that can be used to remove cellulite from your body, some are through medical procedures while some are just the usual workouts. Jumping on the trampoline is an example of an exercise that removes cellulite from the body. Rebounder exercises are enjoyable to do since they are not tiring while you are cutting weight since you are using up energy. Rebounder exercises will help the body in allowing better circulation of lymphatic fluid which helps in eliminating toxic wastes from the body system. As a result of cleaning the lymphatic system, the immunity will be improved because the wastes that prevent the white blood cells from functioning optimally have now been removed. This exercise also helps in reducing cellulite in your body, this is by cleansing the lymphatic system that has some fats too. The numerous jumping up and down on the trampoline helps in making your bones more firm and this reduces the chances of you getting bone breakages. Most cardio exercises are more intense on the legs and feet which can be painful, however this is not the case for rebounders, they are much easier and comfortable to do. Trampoline exercises also assist in making your posture and and body balance better, this is because it activates the vestibule found in the ear.

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